Price formation for tombstones

Many factors have an impact on the final price of a tombstone, which varies due to the individuality of each work. Basically, the larger the stone and the more it is processed, the higher the price. The factors can mainly be divided into three areas: First, the cost of the stone itself, size and material have an impact here. Second the processing of the stone with an inscription, ornaments and decorations. The costs vary depending on the amount of font and the effort involved. Finally, the placement of the stone and cemetery fees, which may vary depending on the stone and cemetery.

When choosing a stone, there are two main categories to choose from:

  • Lying cushions are stones that are placed horizontally on the gravesite. Since they are usually smaller and can be laid without a foundation, they are less expensive than standing stones. Including the inscription and installation, the prices start at around € 700 gross.

  • The second category is standing stones. These are larger than pillows and are placed upright at the grave. Due to their size and the more complicated set-up including a foundation, these stones are priced above the cushions. Including the inscription and installation, the prices here start at around € 1,200 gross.

Attention: Depending on the category of the burial site, cemeteries may have specifications regarding the dimensions of the stone.

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