Tombs and natural stonework

We offer services ranging from construction of new tombs, over preservation measures to sponsoring of tombs. Additionally we offer the shipment of gravestones to all cemeteries in Hamburg and its vicinity.

The main cemetery in Ohlsdorf has special importance because it is the only cemetery in Hamburg that conducts Jewish burials. For many decades we feel deeply connected to the Jewish community, which led to great trust in our services and many members of the Jewish communities in the whole world have become our clients.

For generations, many clients feel, that they are in excellent hands with our service. Personal counseling, meeting the clients' wishes and extensive offers in design and pricing, as well as the high amount of quality in our work, has led to a strong bond with our clients.


Are you looking for a personal memorial stone, a unique monument or a modest gravestone? In a detailed conversation we gladly determine your ideas and wishes. With your help we design an individual memorial that is worthy of the deceased one's personality.


If the memorial has aged, the stone is soiled or tilted, the letters are damaged or an ornament has gone missing, we can help you with the restoration. With our experience, gathered over generations, we are capable of reproducing nearly every original state.


Sun, rain, frost and other environmental influences leave traces on every gravestone. In order to improve the endurance and dignity of the memorial, we enhance the foundation, redo the writing and align and clean the gravestone.


The cemetery Ohlsdorf advocates the preservation of artistically valuable or historical memorials, giving you the opportunity of becoming a sponsor. We can help you to choose a fitting monument, conduct the necessary masonry work and complete the required paperwork.