Art of masonry for more than 100 years

On the first of April 1912, Franz Herzog founded the family business Herzog und Söhne. Now in the fourth generation Sebastian and Matthias Herzog continue the craftsmanship tradition at our locations at the Ohlsdorf and Öjendorf cemeteries.

Since 2004, Sebastian Herzog acts as chairman of the stonemason guild in Hamburg and represents the masons of Hamburg with his experience.

With the knowledge and skill, passed on over generations, we offer individual and professional work, as well as personal consulting about gravestones and natural stone works.

Grieving means remembering and if you lose a loved one, you want to remember them with all their words and achievements. But it is sometimes difficult to find a calm moment for remembrance. With your help and suggestions we want to contribute to a place where remembrance is possible.

We are convinced, that every person is unique. That is why we want to create a tombstone together with you, that dignifies and reflects this uniqueness.

We sincerely invite you to visit us at our locations at the cemeteries in Ohlsdorf and Öjendorf, to talk about your needs and wishes and to get to know us and our work.